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Simple Audit of Your Hazardous Area CompliancePrintable version

You can carry out a simple audit of your hazardous area records to identify if you have issues regarding the compliance status of your hazardous area installations.

Check  the  five  hazardous  area  items  shown  below  to  reveal  if  you  have  hazardous  area compliance issues that need to be addressed.

1) Hazardous Area Training

(See clause 4.5 of AS/NZS60079.14:2017 and clause 4.2 of AS/NZS60079.17:2017)
All personnel including operators, managers, supervisors, technicians and engineers:

2) Classification of Hazardous Areas

(See clause of AS/NZS3000:2018 and clause 5.1 of AS/NZS60079.10.1:2009)

3) Hazardous Area Electrical Inspections

(See section section 4 of AS/NZS60079.14:2017 and section 4 of AS/NZS60079.17:2017)

4) Hazardous Ares Verification Dossier

(See clause 4.2 of AS/NZS60079. 14:2017 and clause 4. 1 of AS/NZS60079.17:2017)

5) Hazardous Area Standards

Simple Audit